Episode 26

Love Birds

“Hello handsome man, how are you?” – “Hey sweetie, I’m doing great. How are you?” – “I’ve been working and now I’m on the road, thank you again for the last weekend, it was unique.” – “I hope you’ve recovered well.” – “Yes, I have I recovered well, now I’m out on my bike.” – “That’s right, it was a very cool weekend!” – “Maybe we’ll see each other this evening?” – “Sure, dinner is almost ready.” – “8 o’clock?” – “I can’t wait.” – “Are you sure everything is okay?” – “Everything’s okay, I’m looking forward to see you.” – “Okay, I thought something happened, because you’re somehow different.” – “Just a little confused, sorry. I’ll calm down again.” – “May I help you, do you need anything? I’m here for you, please don’t forget that.” – “Thanks, that’s really nice.” – “Okay, whatever you like.” – “Maybe we’ll talk about it later.” – “All right. I like you really, really much.” – “Really?” – “You’re not alone.” – “You can’t tell me anything nicer.”

When I arrive at his place, the menu is almost ready on the stove, he pushes me to the set table. “I thought I texted to you that I don’t like meat.” – “That’s not meat, that’s Krakauer*!” – “A few sausages without amuse-gueule?” – “You know where the straws are.“ After dinner we sit down in front of the huge screen and watch 4D renderings of Rihanna, the G is just starting to retract nicely and I’m beginning to fly for the first time today. We hold hands and cuddle a bit, I have his wade in my hand and rub it like Aladdin rubs his magic lamp. Then suddenly it’s 10 p.m. and he jumps up in a panic because he’s not clean yet. 

First his friend Lukas comes over and I am briefly complimented because the two of them are doing business. Before he leaves, he gives me a meaningful look. “Did you tell him about us?” – “What is about us? He’s my best friend.“ Then Flavio and a little later Wolfgang join us, both are into nipleplay. “I always wonder how many straight guys are into it too.” The three of us fuck Aleks in the sling and I fuck Flavio on the mattress and Wolfgang on the couch. It follows Simon and the whole gang. We say hello to each other, it’s like a bowling night. Last up is Ronnie, a big cock with a terrible man on it. 

Suddenly Reinko storms in angry and tries to punch me in the face. “His ass is mine!” So I’m not the only one with a crush on him. A thin, very sharp pain penetrates my heart like a burning laser beam and tears open a deep abyss within me. With the last of my strength I jump over it without falling. Instead, I pound my cock harder into his hole until it starts to hurt. “Give it to him!” the others cheer me on. I’ve overdosed and my mind is spinning, I fuck him even harder so I don’t feel the pain. 

“Do you know what the secret of love is?” – “Aaah, yes!” – “These 20 centimeters that I’m ramming into you.” – “Yeah, fuck!” – “Love is nothing. She grabs for everything and can’t hold it.” – “Fuck my cunt!” – “Her hands are like flames that can’t grasp anything.” – “Ah! Ah! Aaaahh!!” – “All thinking is nothing.” – “Pleeease!” – “And what comes out of the mouth.“ – “Aaaarrrrgh!!!” – “Is unconscious air.”

*Krakauer is a sausage made from 70% cured, desined pork and 30% sausage meat. 1% potato starch may also be added. Traditionally it is 20 centimeters long and packaged in black colored artificial guts.