Episode 25

High and Happy

Aleks invited me again and I’m already on my way to see him at Pilgramgasse, my heart pounding. “How’s your dick?” – “Still nothing.” – “That’s not a big surprise for a bottom.“ – „Ha-ha.“ We set up his sling, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen something like that. He pours G with Coke, but I don’t take M until the next top arrives, so I can fuck him with a safety boner for two or three hours. The first top that replaces me is another Thomas, he has a jeans fetish but can’t communicate it clearly enough for us to serve him. There’s very little else you can do with him, I’m not even allowed to suck his cock because in his mind only a submissive bottom can do that. He goes away briefly to get the charger for his cell and joins us again later.

The first Thomas from Ried im Innkreis shortens our waiting time, he gives Aleks a few loads, later he fucks me too, the first time in over a year that I’m passive. Now I can also give the first Thomas – who is actually the second – a blowjob and he fucks me in compensation, Thomas the First even squirts into me, and Alfons, Simon and Dima come too, but we send him away again because he looks completely different than in the pictures.

We line up, I have five cocks in front of me that will make it before, it’s like waiting with numbers at the authorities. So I enjoy him again and again with full pleasure and fuck him hard, pulling the noose towards me with every thrust, I’m in top shape. “I’ve never gotten as much as I do now,” I think out loud, almost shouting. For a while we’re so high and on the same wave that we do everything like we’re in a trance. “See how lucky we are? A few years ago something like this was unthinkable! Hold it and freeze the moment.” Everyone stares at me and freezes in their hip movements, but probably not in mind.

At some point the group breaks up and I prepare to go to bed, taking a hefty portion of G as a sleeping pill with my tablets. I’m already lying in bed and panicking slightly when Aleks brings me his calming drops, and I see his naked silhouette framed by the door frame. “You are so incredible” – “Oh, come on.” He lies down next to me and cuddles, the first night for weeks that I spend with a man, otherwise I need my own room like Thomas Bernhard.

So we are tightly wrapped around each other, our lips are open, playing softly, we exchange our breath and let our tongues swirl. We lie there like that for a long time until I feel him let go and move away to sleep. In fact, I doze off, after four or five hours my sleep becomes shallower and I get up a few times to drink water and eat a few chocolates that are on the table. I look at him as he lies on his back in bed with his legs apart, a pillow half over his face. I join him awake for almost an hour, he is very warm and stretches in his sleep like a sleeping lion. Before I leave I tell him even though he doesn’t hear me:

“I´m in love with you.”