Episode 23

Hot Tights

Aleks texts me every day, even very nicely, and I can´t believe that such a hot guy is into me. I’m with him at 6 p.m., he opens the door naked in his underwear and walks around with blue Adilettes. We clarify the financial details and I give him the money for the goodies. We take a welcome line, there is a mattress in the middle of the room. I´m naked in ten seconds, we start playing around with each other, beginning with a very tender cuddle and quickly move on to heavy petting.

I’m kind of inhibited because he’s so hot and I can’t get it up. In the kitchen he gives me an injection in my dick, but it doesn’t help. I pop two blue pills and that finally works. He wants my load and I remember that he loves being inseminated. I fuck him nice and hard while playing with his legs and feet, as soon as I do that I get very hard and finally I cum in his ass, pumping my load into him even though I’m totally on M. After that nothing works for a longer time.

He is looking for a second top on ROMEO and I play with his legs and feet all the time, taking photos and videos. We keep drawing lines and drinking G. First Thomas, a bartender from Ried im Innkreis, joins us. He does Aleks five or six times, that’s how often he fills up his tiny hole. That makes me so hot and hard, I fuck Thomas while he fucks Aleks, really brutal, at some point Andreas came over, who I also fuck, and then again Aleks and Thomas, three asses reaching up towards me.

When Thomas leaves, Aleks, Andreas and I take a break, lie on the mattress with our heads on the couch, chill out and talk. Before he leaves, Andreas fucks Aleks for another round. Then comes Dieter, a skinny guy who’s already totally spaced out. It’s hard for me to touch him and I can’t really follow what he and Aleks are doing. Aleks goes to the kitchen to give his cock another injection, but suddenly he comes back completely distraught. “The tip of the syringe broke off and is stuck under the skin in my dick!”

We try to get it out with tweezers, but fail and take a cab to the Rudolf Foundation. The doctors don’t do anything, they just say that the small piece of metal will become infected and fester on its own. We take a taxi back to his place, dress off, Aleks slips on his blue jockstrap and we continue where we left off. Then Raiko arrives and my goodness – they are such an amazing team.

He sprays Aleks with six loads and I briefly push my cock into his ass. It’s the ultimate feeling to hold Aleks’ strong feet in my hands while I fuck him, as if they were my property. At some point Peter shows up and cums in Aleks’ mouth, then there are just three of us again. I took too much G and slur like I’m drunk, shortly after Raiko left my head starts spinning and I had to puke, I can’t stop and I puke and puke.

When I come to myself, I’m sitting in the bathtub freezing and wheezing. For minutes I don’t even know where I am or what day it is and what´s the name of the hot man outside again? Eventually I feel better and make it out to the living room where Aleks looks after me with a cup of freshly brewed jasmine tea. He tells me that I slept for half an hour and that I was shaking all over the body and that it was from too much G.

We talk and talk and get closer and closer and slowly I’m feeling better again. He lies down under the blanket with me and we cuddle very tenderly. He would really like to sleep with me, but I tell him that I have to be in my own bed. He is very disappointed. It’s 8:00 p.m. when I get myself together and get dressed, I promise him that I’ll get in touch. I was with him for 26 hours. At home I puke twice more, then I take a benzo and the PrEP pill and sleep until 2 p.m. the next day.