Episode 22


After Martin filled me up, he drives me home in his convertible. I wait there for Mike’s message when Florian invites me to a threesome with M. I’ve always dated him alone, but apparently group parties are all the rage. It´s much warmer than average, very unusual for this time of year. I ride to him on my racing bike, still in my bib shorts. He opens the door and introduces me, besides Manfred there is also Erwin, both over 60. Manfred has M, I pull a few lines and take off my clothes. At first I don’t want to touch the others and just watch. Florian actually lets Erwin fuck him even though he’s not on PrEP. I met Erwin before and know that he is HIV positive.

When Aleksander and Raiko show up, everything takes a positive turn. Aleks looks like a Michael Biehn in Terminator, lifesaver and next door buddy all in one. I take him to the bedroom where we fuck, then we carry the mattress into the living room and put it in front of the couch. Raiko fucks Aleks for most of the evening, he cums inside him four or five times while we watch and applaud. It’s unbelievable what a show they both put on. I continue to fuck Aleks in his cum filled ass, but because of M I only have a semi boner. Manfred leaves and finally Erwin, who has a very beautiful bearded face.

Manfred left us the rest of his M and we are constantly pulling lines and smoking joints. I’m so high that I mostly play with Aleks’ legs and feet. He has thighs as strong as tree trunks, calves the size of my head and the most beautiful feet I’ve ever seen. For hours I rub his legs and lick his feet, pushing my tongue into the gap next to the big toe, his legs and feet turn me on more than his filled asshole.

“Jesus, what kind of weed is this? I’m hard as a rock.” – “That’s Purple Vapor”. Raiko fucks Aleks again and again with his constantly squirting cock and pumps him full. “In another dimension you are a soap dispenser, right?” When the two leave, it is already morning. Florian gets the final round for hosts and Gabriel kisses me very tenderly, I almost forgot about him. Then we carry the mattress back to the bedroom, he rides his bike home and I take the subway, my bike disappeared.