Episode 20


When he comes, it almost blows me away again because he’s such a wildly romantic macho. I actually wanted to help him out of his boots, for weeks I fantasized about smelling his socks. But when he walks in the door he hangs on my dick, sucking on it with full passion. “It looks like they like each other.” – “Who can resist such a divine vehicle?” – “You breathtaking face is the right frame for it.”

I help him up because I want to kiss his mouth. His beautiful lips now have my cock print, I imagine him kissing his colleagues in the office with it. To mark them all with my dick scent. I take off his shirt and lick his armpits. Intensely salty and masculine, like moss on sandalwood. As I go to unbutton his pants, something slows me down. “A little surprise.” It’s a black rubber jockstrap with a zip on the front. I carefully fish out his cock and suck it hard, he has a nice big one too. It also smells like rubber. “Mmh, so that’s what Batman’s cock tastes like.” I also enjoy just smelling the panties and inhaling the rubber cock sweat smell.

Less than five minutes later he is kneeling on the bed and shaking his ass willingly. “My goodness, what a sight. I still can’t believe that handsome guys like you are willing to stick their asses up in the air.” – “I need an anchor – slam it in, Daddy!” – “Good boy!” I spit on his hole and dip him twice , the second time I push my cock halfway in. Damn, he’s just doing it safely. “Is that fucking already?” – “Fuck it, keep going!” I continue to fuck him without a condom, in the frenzy I make his smooth hole glow. He lets out another rutting cry that hopefully the neighborhood will hear.

“Breeeed meeee aaaarrrrgh!!!”

I playfully choke him by the neck and give him a few headbutts. It won’t be long before I fill him up. When I come, I’m somewhere else for a moment. I almost said: “That felt really familiar the second time.” But then I better nail him to the bed, so he can’t even think about running away. I continue to fuck until he cums too, moving in my own juice. I feel his love muscle contracting so much that it squeezes every last drop out of my cock. A great pleasure to break such a pretty boy.

We cuddle for a while when Timecop1983’s new album Searching for Tomorrow is spinning on the record player. I also found out, that being in good music and fucking in the same rhythm makes the feeling even better.

“Man, you and your dick.” – “It’s is one of the happiest in town I guess.” – “I think you can have anyone with it.” – “I was twice recently at group parties, already done something like that?” – “Really? I always thought you are more into 1:1 dates.” – “That was heaven on earth, I slaughtered them all like calves.” – “My husband and I have threesomes sometime and take chems, but keep it small.” – “It’s unbelievable what options we have since PrEP.” – “I’m not on PrEP.” – “But most others, I think.” – “Don’t believe they’re telling you that honestly.” – “Why don’t you take it, at least the occasion-related ones?” – “I heard it’s very bad for the kidneys.” – “Nonsense. I’ve been getting them for six years as part of a study at the AKH, my blood values are like a baby.” – “Are you having withdrawal symptoms?” – “Almost none, compared to alcohol.” – “Thought you don’t drink.” – “I was once a severe alcoholic and had horrible conditions. No sleep for 3 days and shaking to the point of having an epileptic seizure.” – “How long have you been dry?” – “More than 7 years.” – “You can be very proud on that.” – “I am. Then comes PrEP, Grindr and everything is possible. Guys like you are more than a fair reward for the torments suffered.” – “You make me a hero” – “We both are. All of us should be.” – “I’m still squeezing my asshole and cherishing your man milk.” – “Since you were wearing your sexy rubber jockstrap the whole time, we can say we had sex with rubber the whole time.” – “Hahaha, you little gangster! Kiss me.”