Episode 19


I write with a faceless profile, shower and shave to go to him, but then suddenly it’s gone. The next guy to stand me up is Marko with the beautiful face because he’s looking for two tops. This is usually the basic instinct of most bottoms: Two tops who double him best, one is none. Which is a selfmade drama, since Vienna is the city of Volldosen* and even a good top is a rarity.

So I connect him with Jonas from my first party, but Marko doesn’t like him. In short, after two hours texting I end up at Jonas’s, where I get G and M straight away. “The buffet is open.” We sit on the couch, get high and look for a bottom who is chemsfriendly and has a good ass. Jonas gets in touch with a group on Felberstrasse, the host invites us but he is so high that we wait in vain for his message with the address.

Our last hope is Mike, who is supposed to be nice and reliable. “Does he have a good butt?” – “If you like fucking peaches, you’ll like him.” – “Plump and fruity?” – “Suck my dick first.” After midnight we grab a Bolt and drive to his place on the fourth district. He is an interior designer and has an exciting apartment. It’s easy to talk to him, in contrast to Jonas, who has a completely different wavelength and is constantly on his smartphone. He has G and we bring M and alcohol, a mixture that very few people tolerate.

“What kind of stuff is this anyway?” – “What?” – “What we are drinking here.” – “Liquid Ecstasy.” – “Sure, but what is it exactly?” – “I have no idea.” – “It definitely connects us.” – “Time for the next round!”

We draw the lines from a round coffee table that has a mirror surface. Mike builds a seating area out of a folded cubes in which we both fuck him. Then we put on bathrobes and flip flops and go to a pool that is outside on the terrace. The ground and mossy wood are cold and wet, but the water has comfortable 38 degrees Celsius.

The first time I have sex in the water. Otherwise you only have the pleasant feeling of warmth on your dick after penetration and then you get the body heat. The water makes it difficult to head towards the target, but the welcome feeling of friction makes the whole thing even better. Nevertheless: The feeling of being inside someone else is unbeatable.

We go back naked where we drink more G and pull M and fuck until it gets light. For a long time we are so high that we are nothing but arms, armpits, dicks and lips. Where was my brain again? These body parts that promise fulfilled pleasure trigger you so strongly that the inconsequential rest of them are outshone and obliterated.

During the short breaks I smoke cigarettes at the window, which taste incredible. After the last Line M I do it with Mike on the sofa, I lick his underside, my cock is rock hard and glowing. He ends up falling asleep on my lap while Jonas is writing to another Jonas. One last time I do it for him on the seating area, because their individual parts are drifting apart, we move briefly into the bedroom, where we first continue to fuck and then cuddle for a chat. But I want to sleep in my bed and say goodbye.

As I stand outside on the street, it is 09:30 a.m. and the sun is shining milkily for the first time in days. I order a taxi, my eyes burn from the bright lights and I think to myself: “Fuck. Just like being a teenager in the eighties.”

*City of pussies, I have this German dialect word mix from Martin.