Episode 18


Last week was a silver anniversary: I’ve been going to “Jack” for 25 years. I met K. there in 2002. Yesterday he sent me a vacation photo from Turkey.

“Beauuutiful. Where are you this time?” – “Heading towards Kelebek Vadesi, Butterfly Valley.” – “I’m writing about how we met.” – “You in the brown sweater, skin tight!” – “My goodness.” – “But first in the gym.” – “You spoke to me very rudely from behind.” – “I was completely harmless.” – “Of course all cats say that.”

I immediately had a hard on. I noticed him before, with his beautiful pussy face. He still has that. We started talking, even though I used to be much more shy.

“How often do you come here?” – “Three times per week. You?” – “Always Monday, Wednesday and Friday.” – “I saw that you came with your racing bike.” – “Yes, actually my favorite discipline. And yours?” – “I drive too – semi profi.” – “Cool! We can go for a ride together.” – “We can also just meet up.”

Boom! My first date. The next evening we met in his apartment on Lindengasse, it was March 17th. I had a bottle of cheap wine from Greissler with me. Strangely, I wasn’t that nervous because my inner voice told me that I could allow it.

The door to the terrace was open, you could already smell spring. A huge sheet of music paper by John Cage was hanging on the wall. Next time I have to ask him what that was. He studied piano and singing and you could hear it straight away. He talked and talked, he was a cheerful braggart. I just looked at him and happily enjoyed his singing face.

We were together for eight years, until the summer of 2010. Now life has driven us apart, and he’s not just far away locally. Back then we never asked ourselves: Are we a couple? We haven’t thought about what we are or where we’re going. We just loved each other and had no problem admitting it. I can still hear him singing a Franz Schubert song loudly in the shower:

Yours is my heart!
Yours is my heart!
And shall remain so forever!