Episode 17

Purple Curtains

What a groundbreaking experience. I walk through the Prater to Max-Winter-Platz, Gabriel opens the door in a neon pink jockstrap. In the kitchen he offers me G. “Half or one and a half?” – “What is usual?” Apparently this refers to the units of the pipette. “I always take one and a half.” – “Then I’d rather start with just one.” – “Are you sure?” – “Fuck it, better full blast. Life is short.” – “Cheers!” – “Hahaha! Fire, walk with me.” I meet Jonas and Tibor in the living room, the first time that I am in a foursome. Tibor has a masculine face and very beautiful hands. I fuck him briefly before he says goodbye. He has such a big dick that he almost gets stuck in my mouth. Then it’s just the three of us playing, Jonas fucks Gabriel and I lick him until he comes. We constantly take G and M and drift away while we wait for two new boys. “How are you?” – “I’m flying!”

Next comes Tom, a young stud with a lilac jockstrap and white socks, Jonas and I double him. When I give it to him really hard, he squirts on the blanket and disappears into the bathroom for what feels like an hour. I greedily lick up his sperm, just for the taste. Yummy, fresh young man juice. Then Gregor comes along, a muscular carpenter from Poland. Before he takes off his clothes, he lays down two fat lines. “The first one is for you.” – “It’s my sixth, I think.” – “I’ve never seen you before, where are you from?” – “I have something to confess – it’s my first time.” Later he jumps around in a great black and gray jockstrap and long, thick, white socks. I didn’t know anything about the new gay sock culture.

He has a hunky body and an ass like a bread box, it’s a revelation to fuck him. Half of the time the other guys sit in front of their smartphones and switch between Grindr and Instagram. Before he leaves, Gregor gives me a mysterious wink, a minute later Patrick comes by, they must have met in the staircase. Patrick is the owner of a gay sauna, we chat a bit about the scene before I screw him on the sofa.

It’s well past midnight when we run out of drugs. We end the party after 10 hours, I walk lightly home through the empty Prater, passing the Flower Wheel. I’ve never been so happy in my entire life.