Episode 15


We first fuck in the bedroom, put on our hoodies, and move to the kitchen, where I continue to fuck him standing by the open window. In the Urania Observatory vis à vis the better people sit and enjoy their bulky dinner. We watch them, but they can’t see us because we turned off the light. Daniel is one of the closest fuck buddies and while he’s not exactly a king in bed, for practical reasons he’s the one I see the most.

Rafael joins today, Daniel has already announced him several times. He’s got coke, I only know that from hearsay. „Are you sure it’s not heroin?” We do a line in the living room and move back to the kitchen, where we pull more and play around with each other. „Fuck, that stuff kicks ass“ – „Cool.“ – „What does Christina Hendricks say in Mad Men when she first tries this?” – „What?” – „Hello good news.“

My head is very hot and so is my blood. Rafael is young and has a lot of positive vibes, but that’s the only way he scores points. He can’t get it up and later in the bedroom he says he’s not clean either. „So you have the function of a messenger, right?” – „Why?” – „You are the second archangel I meet.“ Daniel has trouble keeping up with my pace and has to pass. But I’m high enough to suck his small dick until he cums.

He throws us out after he’s done. As we get dressed, Rafael whispers in my ear: „I’ve got some stuff in store for us.” It started raining while we were walking through the Karmelitermarkt. I’m rambling even though the kick is wearing off, but Rafael promised me a joint. When he rolls it, I’m sitting half naked on his sofa landscape, jerking off to some bad 90s porn. We smoke it together as he kneels in front of me, sucking my dick. I close my eyes, let everything go and start to take off.

„Aaah, that warms your heart.” – „Mhmm.” – „Aah. Aah, yes. Ahh. Do you like cock?“ – „Mhmm.” – „I’m just imagining that’s what a straight guy says to his girlfriend. Do you think that happens?” – „What?“ – „A straight guy saying to his girlfriend: ´Do you like cock’?” – „Hmyeah, probably.“ – „That’s indirectly calling her a slut, isn’t it?“ – „Mhmm.“ – „Aah! Aa. Aaah. Haaaah. Aaaaah. Ah.” – „Mmmm.“ – „Ah. yeah.” – „Mmmm.“ – „Is it okay if only you spoil me tonight?“ – „Yes, can I sit on it then?” – „You like to suck. Or do you prefer to fuck?” – „Both. Equally.“ – „Hahaha! You’re just adorable.” – „Mhmm.“ – „Haah. Aaaahh. Super. Huaar, a glans attack! Brilliant. Now you’re going to tongue the tip of my opening, you piglet.” – „What?“ – „Do you like that?” – „Mhmm.” – „You can sit on him later if you like.” – „Mmmhmmm.“

My loins contract for a long time, what feels like minutes. Then I unload in a powerful orgasm in his mouth, pushing his head to my hips. Tschuuummm! When I go home it’s still raining. Times of more darkness are upon us. I walk past the Karmelitermarkt again in direction of Praterstern, always very close to the houses. Like a stray dog that doesn’t want to get wet.