Episode 14


We wrote earlier that I would dip him first and then he would lick my cock, before I put a rubber on.

Big guy, tatooed and muscular. He takes off his leather vest and military boots, my first glance falls on his large, strong feet. We kiss very hard, I have to stand on tiptoe. After deepthroating my dick he goes doggy on the bed and spreads his cheeks. Hairy, massive legs and a very muscular butt on wich I have quickly my mustache on.

Nice appetizer, such a smooth hole in a muscle mountain.

I roll my tongue over it first and work my way in, which he approves with a long, throaty sigh. „Huaaaaargh …“ I learned this technique from Martin yesterday. Kiss the tender forecourt of paradise devoutly like a mouth, gently massage his asshole lips with your lips. Then I put on my last condom and stick my cock up his ass –  slowly, but with full glory. 

Again he cheers deep and manly under me.

I fuck him nice and hard while grabbing his sweaty neck with my hands. That’s how I hold him in position like a buffer stop. “It’s crazy to fuck in this monkey heat.” – „Oh yeah, we are perverts!“ We sweat so much that it’s just a slide. After cumming inside him I fuck even faster until he cums, too.

Then we lie there in spoon position, flying on the pink cloud of postcoital kicks.

He’s been in a relationship for 10 years and only cheats on him every few months. We talk a lot about sports, PrEP and Vienna´s Höhenstrasse. He always makes the rounds there at night with his Harley. “I ride there too, but only with sun energy.” – „Solar battery?“ – “Racing bike.” As he leaves, I watch him closely lacing his strong feet back into his boots.

A real stud, definitely in the top 10 of my fuck buddy charts.