Episode 12


“Where’s the lighter?” – „There were five left yesterday.” – „Haha! First thing the chicks steal.” – „Thought you are mostly passive, too?“ – „Except for those present, I hope.” – „Here baby.” – „Thanks.” – „Do you know why I have to give you light?” – „You don’t have to.” – „Because today you are the illustrious duchess of the house.“  – „It’s like in a French movie!” – „What’s better than a cigarette after sex?“ – „Sex after the cigarette after sex maybe?” – „Let’s see if I can whip him up again.” – „Mmh … the tobacco fills my entire lungs and penetrates every tip of their ramifications.” – „Part of it stays there forever.” – „I know!” – „While we’re at it: What’s your favorite horror movie?” – “I absolutely love Stranger Things on Netflix. You?” – „I love a few.“ – „Which ones, for example?“ – „Evil Dead, The Exorcist, Antichrist.” – „What’s that about?” – „A modern witch.” – „As in The Witch?” – „More intense, with even better forest pictures. Also in slow motion! At least as beautiful as by Andrei Tarkovsky.” – „Didn’t she accidentally bang a log in her husband’s balls during sex?” – „Yes, delicious! Lars von Trier invented the genital splatter genre.” – „I´ll never ever do that to you, I swear!” – „It would be too bad for both of us, wouldn’t it?” – „Fuck, the bottle of poppers opened.” – „I like the smell. Some come as soon as they smell it.” – „What else are you into?” – „On tabacco, weed, shrooms – anything vegetable.” – „Ever tried chems?“  – „No, but I get asked a lot.” – „Try it. That doubles the intensity.” – „Don’t go for groups, like to keep track of things.” – „With your material and your endurance, you mow them all down!“ – „Maybe you are right.” – „What is your personal record?” – „All in all or in one day?” – „Let’s say within 24 hours.“ – „Six. Or eight maybe.“ – “At the same time?” – „Behind each other! But there was a threesome too. You know, I have to write and draw everything down afterwards.” – „That can be increased.” – „Maybe that’s why I respect it.” – „Why?” – „Because I know myself.” – „You’ll get to know yourself better then.“ – „Everybody has two sides, a darker and a lighter one. I’m scared that these two will grow into a monster” – „Can’t quite follow you.” – „You don’t have to, you’re pretty enough.“ – „Hey, I have to go to school!” – „We still have to turn your trousers inside out.” – „I like that you’re such a gentleman.” – „I got that from Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer.” – „Really?“ – „Yes, I illustrated funny culinary stories with him. Great guy, taught me a lot. I think good manners should be part of the classroom.” – „Better than religion, definitely.” – „That’s what an archangel is saying!“ – „You can have one of my cigarettes.” – „Keep them, you’re my guest.” – „Charmeur!“ – „Madame, she’s checking her phone too much.” – „Another addiction!” – „See you soon, I’m looking forward to your inner values.” – „The same wavelength?” – „Sort of.” – „Ciao.“ – „Adieu!”