Episode 11


Another magical summer day.

I’m off today and I also urgently need a break from my drawings. Again it is Florian who gets me out of my prison. At first it wasn’t clear whether we would have sex before we go to Toter Grund, afterwards or there.

Which would be more logical, but Florian texts me that he’ll jump up briefly before we leave. And so, 12 hours after my date with Daniel, I find myself in the arms of the next man.

Before we leave, he buys a cup of nectarines at the Greissler, which he washes at the old fountain in front of the Prater Bridge. The sound of water and the shadows of leaves flickering across his tight pants – a really nice summer picture. 

As we cross the Danube, all bright blue sky with some fair weather clouds, like in my last artwork I started yesterday. It is a return gift for Udo Titz, who photographed me a few months ago. He was with me earlier and encouraged me a lot.

When we arrive Steinspornbrücke, I almost collapse because I’m physically at the limit. “I feel wonderfully used,” I say more to myself than to Florian. But at least he has to laugh a little bit for this shameless statement.

We go into the water three times and since the wind changes and the sun disappears behind a cloud several times, it is pleasantly cold. “The little trout are back.“ Also the ducks, which you can almost pet. Florian titled them Roast Ducks.

Left and right to us are his flight attendant colleagues, as well as a small group of young, well grown sisters. We are talking about everything and nothing, but most of the time I just lie there and let the sun charge my batteries.

When we drive home and Highlander by Marvel83´ sounds from his Vespa, I enjoy the shimmering images and the music, although I couldn’t switch off completely.