Episode 10

Change of Hearts

This time I want to tell you more about the the colors in my world, the colors of Purple Vapor. Here everything is cool and muted, there are only gradations between blue and purple. There are also pink and turquoise tones that arise when mixed with white.

You can also call it magenta or petrol, whatever you prefer. Like the saleswomen in the noble boutiques on the south coast of France. They are outraged when you call their cashmere sweaters light blue. In their patriotism its of course the Côte Azur Blue.

Purple is the non plus ultra here, the highest of feelings.

So there is no pure red and yellow in this world, only in coquettish hints. Coquettish like the bottoms that shake their beautiful bums like the divas in the opera, cooling down their luscious décolleté with quivering fans.

However, red is the color that the eye perceives most quickly. It stands for love, lust and pain, that´s why the signal effect. Yellow is light, the sun, and light is the first thing almost every baby notices after birth. This leads to such a high level of happiness that some will later search for it all their lives.

The red heart is send out inflationary on social media, sometimes you’re literally showered with it. Like with buckets full of pig’s blood. Sometimes they send 10 vulgar red hearts in one message and these hypocrites turn their backs on you even if you have a little flu.

I made a no less fatal mistake with Alvaro at beginning of July. My friends and I jokingly call him my Private Dancer. It was the best sex of my life so far and also the emotional connection with him was at 99%. We spent two wonderful nights together, everything was just right. Our bodies and souls were as united as two dragonflies drifting up in the air to mate.

After we came twice at the same time, I whispered in his ear: “That was the best time of my life, you are a very special person, I have never felt such strong feelings as I have for you, please don’t be scared, just let us repeat this in any form, and if it is for a drink at Café Menta, I’m waiting patiently, but with open arms, I’ll just say it openly now: I’ve a crush on you.”

A week later he texted me, it was July 8th. This time no longer on WhatsApp, but on Grindr again. We both happened to be online. He’s looking forward to our next date and will definitely get in touch when he has another whole night free. Overjoyed, I sent him my purple heart.

He took the hint and sent me back an orange heart instead of a red one. But orange is a mixture of yellow and red, these colors do not exist in my world.

So it wouldn’t have fit anyway.