Episode 9

Electric Ray

He comes straight from Venice and was on the beach yesterday, which explains his beautiful color. Very athletic type with well defined muscles. So none of those protein powder junkies from „Jack“. We agreed in the chat that I would massage him. “Get your oil and massage hands ready lol.”

It has been extremely hot for weeks, almost always above 30 degrees. I love summer and the heat, also you don´t have to take off much. No sex for three days and I’m so horny I almost burst when he rings downstairs.

We cuddle and giggle a bit in the front room, but I can’t manage to look into his eyes. Then he lies down naked on the bed and gives me a very serious look that immediately drops the room temperature by ten degrees. “Are you that shy?”

I jump on his back and am about to ride him, but suddenly he flinches like he’s been struck by lightning. “Slowly!” he moans, “Softly!” He explains to me that he doesn’t have that much experience and has only been passive twice. When a man rejected his affections years ago, he was married to a woman.

While Tonight from Timecop1983 spins on the turntable, I slowly massage his shoulders and back. Until I finally get to that nice spot with the two little dimples left and right where his back meets the bubble butt. Not everyone has that, I’m a lover of such specialties.

He gets the creeps again when I touch his bum with the tip of my glans, almost unintentionally. Incredibly, he starts vibrating all over his body like an electric ray. As if he is under high voltage. It finally stops when I get really bored with his shoulders. 

I carefully position my cock on his tiny hole and let it slide in very slowly. Is it finally happening? And Sapperlot! All of a sudden he’s mine. Of course, after self control in this dimension, I can’t hold out for long.

But I stay inside and fall asleep on his back, like a cowboy on his stallion. The next morning he apologizes for falling asleep during the massage. “The trip from Italy back to Vienna was hell, I drove all day. But next time I want the full program.” –

“Sure thing!”