Episode 8

Train of Thought

We all run around like crazy, rushing from A to B and often don’t even have enough time to make a decision. I’m going to bed way too late again and can’t sleep because I finally have time to think. In the dark all my little fears and worries grow into huge demons and strangle me like a frightened child. I keep thinking about Ben, we write on ROMEO almost every other day.

“I’m jerking off and thinking about you a lot right now because you’re so sexy. I’d like to see you again very soon.” – “Save your Tschuri* for me please.“

“I’d love to see you again.” – “Would you like to make something up, or are you more spontaneous?” – “Rather spontaneous, actually.” – “Adventurer.” – “You know me.” – “Not really, but we can work on it.” – “Right.”

“Little handsome man, how’s it going?” – „Tall handsome man, all good. Sit at home and draw on a children’s book. You?” – “I work. Had an event yesterday that took a little longer. Will you draw me?” – “I can portray you, if you like.” – “I don’t think I’m good at being portrayed.” – “Let’s test it.” – “Absolutely. I’d really like to see you, but I’m very busy at the moment. Not so cool.” – “Don’t stress, I’m patient. There aren’t as many guys like you such as sand on the beach .” – “It’s mutual. I’d like to give you my Tschuri.” – “Shall we swap?” – “You taste as good as honey and milk.” – “You’re more the sandalwood type” – “I had an event yesterday and would have you preferably picked up with a car, made out with you and then have you taken home again.” – “Like an escort? That’s very flattering. I like being courted.” – “Yes, my driver would have waited the whole dinner. You deserve to be courted.” – “Oh, I’m also satisfied with straightforward sex.” – “I’m not just talking about sex now.” – “You mean that in addition to our Tschuri, we can also fuck with our heads?“ – “For example. You, your Tschuri and your brain juice.” – “Deal. I’ll make you a special price.”

Do you know what is the best recipe against too much feeling? Exactly, sex. Because other mothers have beautiful sons, too. This week I’ve been with Timo, whose Dalmatian has been desperately trying to interact, David, who has the prettiest marzipan hole I’ve ever caught on video, one of the many Martins whose sex has been as interchangeable as his name and of course with Florian again.

*By the way, Tschuri is the Viennese word for cum. So don’t be surprised if I hand you a Tschurifetzen after you screwed everything up.