Episode 7


I meet him for the second time at Top cinema. 

We’re checking out Peter Jackson’s new movie, his interpretation on Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s The Difficult. Finally again in the tradition of his fun splatter Braindead, which is still cult. All people were screaming and laughing as Karl von Bühl smashes the intriguer bourgeois to blood and slime with a huge jackhammer. 

Like always, only the lovers survive.

Afterwards we go to the bar, he invites me to a soda lemon. It’s my first coffee date in years. A coffee date after a sex date. The logical consequence after so many failed coffee dates. So first check if the sex is good, then you can continue to know each other better. 

Get it?

He loves adventures, that explains the unusual action in his basement. He tells me that he always has an universal key from the post office with him, so he can break into almost any house. In August he wants to jump out of a plane, too.

Really an extraordinary guy. 

I’m very enchanted by him as we walk up Theobaltgasse in the direction of U3. Thoughts, little future dreams of him and me like buzzing fireflies light up inside me and then fade away again.

Not ten steps further we break in an old house, sneak down to the basement – and throw our clothes in the dust.