Episode 6


It’s a hot summer night when I go to his place at Ferdinandgasse. I only wear a tank top, cargo shorts and flip flops. The air is heavy as steel and the crickets are chirping. I know Florian for almost 10 years, he’s one of my long term fuck buddies. At that time there was no Grindr and only the desktop version of ROMEO. It was almost a scandal to have a profile there and you were automatically labeled as a slut.

On the terrace, he points to a crane above the roofs and tells me about the construction workers who climbed up to his weed plantation at night, picked all the plants and ran away. We share the last bits he kept in a drawer on the coffee table. Since I only smoke something every now and then, the stuff goes in fully. The blood immediately shoots from my head into my dick, where it is needed at the moment.

We have a very long, tender foreplay, with lots of cuddling and snuggling. In the end I land on his beautiful hole with my tongue and stretch it out with my thumb. He’s lying on his back, hips turned to one side. One leg is raised at a right angle and his strong foot touches the backrest of the sofa in a very shapely manner. I spit on his hole and stick my dick in, pretty dry. Just so that it slides a little bit.

I fuck him all over, playing with his bum cheeks and strong thighs. Can you imagine the picture? The perfect curve of his bubble butt, into which my big dick slides in and out like in soft butter. He comes even before I pump him full of my juice. I kiss him goodnight and walk back home with a clear head. Now the smacking of my flip flops doesn’t have to remind me of sex.

I´m not aware of this, but I crossed the border to Purple Vapor for the first time.