Episode 4


After gym I hurry to see him in Theobaltgasse. He gives me 20 minutes until his brother comes. I ring, he lets me in and I go down to the basement. Below all blue metal. He comes and looks really dazzling. 1.90 m, slim and a beautiful bearded face. We go all the way to the back in case someone comes. “Isn’t that too creepy for you?” – “No, I like adventures.”

We kiss and he immediately has his hand on my pants. He gets on his knees and sucks my cock with his beautiful lips. I’m very hard because he totally turns me on and we do such naughty things in his basement. Less than three minutes later I squirt a whole load in his mouth. He swallows greedily and just keeps sucking while I stroke his hair with my hands.

Then he gets up, his dick is rock hard and I jerk him off with full pressure. He shoots a massive load on my stomach, then we kiss again. Before we get dressed, he hands me a piece of folded paper towels he brought from upstairs. “How thoughtful,” I say. When we go back upstairs he tells me that he will play Playstation together with his brother. 

Totally stoned, I walk up to Mariahilfer Strasse. He writes to me on ROMEO: “You’re just as hot as you are embarrassing.“ I accidentally sent him a message intended for Timo earlier from “Jack” when we were chatting.